August 2000

David and Darin go to QuakeCon 2000 in Dallas, TX. We were both knocked out in the second round of competition. We had a great time. Check out the screenshots from QuakeCon 2000.

May 2000

David, Kevin, and Darin check out E3 in Los Angeles. Huggybear finds his alterego


Once again, Q3 was the game of choice for the March 11th LAN Party.  L A N G O central (David's new office) is completely Plug and Play now and looks great. David doesn't have the a/c installed yet, so we will be starting later on April 8th. Everyone should arrive by 3 P.M. for set up. We will go until after midnight.   Don't forget to RSVP. We need to know how many people are going to be there, so we can make proper arrangements. 


The latest L A N G O  LAN Party was a blast! Three more people showed up then we were expecting. Check out the screen shots. Hope to see everyone at the next LAN Party on March 11th. 


No new LANGO news. :-(  Where is everyone? I hope everyone has Q3 and UT by now. We will have some heavy competition next year at the LAN Parties. One day, one game! Just like the old Quake days. More on this later. So, practice up. 


New LANGO web site coming soon! This is a temp site.


Lan Party at LANGO central Starts 7 PM Friday 11/12/99 and goes to Saturday 11/13/99 late. Be there! More info coming soon.










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